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Since 1953, my family has been keeping the entrepreneurial spirit alive and I’m proud to be the third generation to further our goals, values and vision. Today, and since 1993, Gémel has focused exclusively on engineering consulting and project management.

Our commitment to sustainable development is at the root of what we do. Our dedicated team has high standards of customer satisfaction and a deep desire to see the successful completion of each project, both now and years from now.

At Gémel, our values govern our decisions , our vision guides our actions and our actions is a testament to our character.

Gémel is your project partner! I invite you to experience the Gémel way. I know you’ll be satisfied with the results.

Justin Pagé, President
Gémel Inc.

By offering front-line services, Gémel helps our clients meet regulatory requirements, obtain the necessary permits and determine optimal solutions for each project we undertake.

In addition to conventional project management services, we offer SSI (System integrated Solutions) . Gémel supports the integration of design measures through a highly collaborative and participatory process — the essential principle in the context of sustainable development and optimal solutions.

To arrive at a common vision , Gémel’s professionals act as facilitators and experts to stimulate innovative ideas — winning ideas that can only take birth under stimulating circumstances .

Our client approach is unique because you and your project manager have access to all disciplines, together under one roof: environmental, surveying, civil engineering, architecture, structural, building mechanics and electrical. This gives you the benefit of an full-circle approach with expert advice always at hand when needed at each critical step or specific need.

Our professionals take pride in their work and have built a reputation for having the best project approach on the market, a result of conscientious planning and construction.

From the very beginning of a project, we work with you to establish your requirements, to develop a Functional Technical Program (FTP), establish the criteria to reach specific targets including budget, schedule and the quality.

In our role as Team Leader, we work with you, ensuring the success of your project, intervening when necessary and taking into consideration the various stakeholders of the mandate (SSI).

“A building must have three characteristics: a good location, safe foundations and flawless execution.” — Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1749-1832)

Our professionals have an excellent ability to integrate the various teams neeced to execute a project teams and as a common value listening to their client’s needs.

By collaborating during all stages of project planning and implementation, we ensure the full integration of the team on all levels.

Managing all aspects of your project implementation and planning of these allow us to highlight the improved performance by controlling and reducing costs, minimizing risk, respecting the predetermined period while ensuring the quality of the product delivered.

In this sense, we offer construction management services, project inspection, supervision of works with or without residence. These activities include but are not limited answers to questions, monitoring of the site and access reports to ensure compliance with plans and specifications, verification of shop drawings, progress billings, lists of deficiencies, the provisional and final acceptance of the work and plans as constructed.

Early in the lifecycle of a project, our team ensures to coordination of activities that will be necessary for the commissioning of the building to allow a prompt start.

Well-designed and well-built projects go from the planning stage and into operation quickly. They allow to us to start production and progress with nominal output as quickly as possible . By conducting an audit of all the equipment in place as well as considering seasonal conditions, our professionals ensure the optimal and smooth operation of the project.

Through our committed staff, Gémel partners with a wide variety of actors in the field of construction throughout Quebec. Our expertise and experience means we’re regularly called upon to provide professional advice on asset maintenance .

“Sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet theirs.” –Brundtland Report

To achieve this, Gémel is committed to foster this culture in the field of engineering and construction. Our realizations will certainly achieve our customer needs, but require a reflection on the economic, environmental and social impacts.

The values ​​conveyed by our company are a reflection of both management and employees. Gémel’s internal culture promotes development and personal fulfillment and this symbiosis is reflected in our management of sustainability goals. Our leaders advocate corporate values of cooperation, respect for others and work that is fulfilling, enabling our team members to participate in our mission of sustainable development.

A project that respects sustainable development is a project that respects the environment, is economically viable and socially acceptable. By optimizing the project management mode, by proposing an integrated solution and granting certification Built-G system Gemel is committed to being a partner in the realization of sustainable projects.











Our Team

Gémel is first of all a great Family whose common goal is to implement projects using the principle of integrated services solutions. Our professional team of engineers and technicians in four different disciplines is perfectly able to face any kind of challenges. At Gémel, you’ll find not only a team but a second family.


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