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Agrinova Research Centre – Alma

Client Partnership between Agrinova and MDEIE
Location Alma
Schedule 2010-2011

Project Detail

LEED Silver Certified

The Agrinova Research Centre in Alma, Quebec is a modern and visually impressive building, comprised of offices, meeting rooms, laboratories, common areas and storage spaces. Designed with a high level of innovation and a minimal environmental footprint, its outstanding feature is that it is LEED Silver certified.

One of the more impressive innovations is the presence of a green roof and an two-level interior wall made of green plants. The green roof is in place, among other reasons, to regulate the temperature of the building. There is a centralized system for lighting control, which automatically adjusts the indoor lighting level dependant on the amount of outside natural light entering the building. This adds to the users’ visual comfort — while saving energy intelligently.

Features and Innovations:

  • CO2 sensor
  • LED lighting and the optimization of natural lighting (light detectors)
  • Materials were chosen to reduce the environmental footprint
  • Energy economies and modernizing systems
  • Recovery and re-ue of already-existing equipment