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BMR Potvin & Bouchard – Alma

Client Groupe BMR
Location Alma
Scope Of Work Design: 2012-13 Construction: 2013-14
Schedule 2014

Project Detail

Store Renovation, Expansion and “Going Green” Design

This new addition to the BMR family was built using their Eco Attitude Store Concept – an 11-point mandate adopted by BMR covering practical architectural and engineering features to enhance the durability and energy efficiency of BMR stores being newly-built or renovated. Sustainability is a key corporate goal, one they put in place since 2010.

For the Alma project, the structure is made of laminated Nordic wood manufactured in Quebec; geothermal energy is utilized to heat and cool the store, natural light is an important contribution, greatly reducing the use of artificial light; the heat recovery system enables efficient use of energy dedicated to heating and a green wall purifies the air while beautifully adorning the premises.

Initially, the engineering was done without the Eco Attitude input, which was added to the project to coordinate with the “going green” mandate from BMR. The client has decided to start the work, integrating all newly valued by the business sustainability principles.

Innovations and Features:

  • Curtain walls
  • Skylights (5)
  • Geothermal system (12 wells – total capacity of 80 tons of air conditioning)
  • Visible wood structure
  • Materials were chosen to reduce the environmental footprint
  • Interaction between all energy-efficient equipment (each implemented system considers all other systems)


  • Design: 2012, 2013
  • Completed: 2014
  • Renovated area: 1,672 m2
  • Expansion : 1,740 m2
  • Total area: 3,412 2