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Centre Pierre Charbonneau – Montreal

Location Montréal
Schedule 2014-2015

Project Detail

Miscellaneous Works and Repairs

The Centre Pierre-Charbonneau is a multidisciplinary complex in the heart of the Olympic Park in Montreal, Quebec. Since 1960, the Centre has hosted a wide range of recreational activities, sports and cultural events.

The scope of the project was to make repairs needed due to the age of the building, outdated equipment and certain deficiencies. We had to upgrade the building to comply with updated standards and ensure the building asset maintenance to provide a safer and more comfortable environment.

Asset maintenance and upgrading the building standards were divided into 10 sub-projects:

  • Replacement of amphitheater seats
  • Addition of fire alarms in the social bloc
  • Repair of hoists
  • Breakdown of the social area
  • Redevelopment of the arena’s cloakrooms
  • Changes to the cold rooms
  • Other work in the arena
  • Rehabilitating the gym floors
  • Window replacement
  • Construction of a mezzanine in the amphitheater

The major sub-project in this case was that of the upgrading of the amphitheater and the replacement of the existing 1916 seats that are damaged, missing, and which constitute a risk to users of the centre. Since the Fire Code was amended in 2009, given the existing conditions at the emergency exits, a maximum of 1,250 seats is allowed. With such a reduction in the amount of seating, the amphitheater was likely to have empty air. With the same budget, we filled the empty spaces with the design of a freestanding mezzanine. At the same time, the centre will benefit from a rehabilitated gym, which had become obsolete.

This revitalized facility is now attracting new members, bringing the Centre an additional source of income.