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City Hall – Hebertville-Station

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Project Detail

Hébertville-Station is a small town of 1,300 inhabitants outside of Lac-Saint-Jean, Quebec. It was founded in 1903 and developed by Louis-Nazaire Asselin, the first mayor of the village.

Gémel was mandated to provide professional services in civil engineering, structural, mechanical and electrical management and site supervision for the building of a replacement city hall. The old one had been destroyed in a fire on July 20, 2013, so a new building had to be erected.

The finished building, with an area of ​​550 pi 2, now houses the city council, the mayor and some community organizations such as AFÉAS. The building also contains space for the concierge, a reception area, some administrative offices, storage areas and restrooms.

Complexity, Innovations and Features:

  • The urban plans were destroyed in the fire; we had to do research to identify the location of sewage pipes;
  • The start of project was delayed due to pending approval of grants;
  • It’s now an energy efficient building;
  • CO2 sensors running whenever occupancy in the building is detected;
  • LED lighting
  • Motion detectors;
  • Appropriate materials were chosen to reduce the environmental footprint.