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Pavillon Napoleon-Gauthier – Terrebonne

Client Ville de Terrebonne
Location Terrebonne

Project Detail

Construction of Napoleon Gauthier

The project involves building on the territory of the City of Terrebonne, La Plaine, a new multi-service center with a total area of 20,000 square feet on the Napoleon Gauthier pavilion site to replace the existing one. The new community center built on two floors of 10,000 square feet around each used to house the ground floor various community organizations (youth, farm circle, etc.) and a day nursery on the second floor. This building is connected to the school, Wooded neighbor by a glazed corridor on the ground floor.

The choice of mechanical equipment (ventilation, plumbing) like electrical equipment (lighting and heating) was carried out according to customer requirements to serve, the City of Terrebonne and those relating to the development of a CPE. Particular attention was given to choose equipment that will save energy and water. Two ventilation / heating concepts were presented to the owner with the final choices for achievement. Security services (fire alarm and cameras) were shared with the existing school services.

The outdoor complex consisted of the reconstruction of the park and integrate the site adjacent city park by providing paths to flow freely from one to another. The facilities also provide for the establishment of a decorative lighting, floral arrangements and the establishment of street furniture (litter bins, benches, etc.) that complement existing ones. Located in a wooded area, we had to respect the architectural character of the building.

The quality of the plans and specifications and engineering has resulted in a proposed $ 700,000 below the allocated budgets, which were much less than 1% difference between the top five bidders.

The main challenges concerned the layout of the building taking into account the special requirements of different users, taking into account standards for the implementation of a CPE and available budgets. The nature of low capacity soils resulted in concrete seating establishment of larger size than normally required for the foundation of such a project.

Given that the use of the second floor premises can be changed in future years, the planning and design of the main equipment of the electrical input and the ventilation system had to ensure that it will be possible to adapt based on the new use will prevail.